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As you may have notice I love mixing different styles and trends, some of them might not seem right in the theory but if you but two and two together it can really work. What I have learned, and still learning  from working in fashion and since I’ve started blogging is that anything is possible. When I’ve first started blogging I knew my style pretty well, but latter on as I have progressed with blogging and seen so many fashionable people and lot’s of amazing designers and brands my style has also progressed. I can ashore you few years ago I would have probably punch myself for wearing high heels or even sport shoes with dresses! 
But as my style is progressing so is my fashion sense. It’s good to try new things and keep it interesting! Fashion suppose to be fun! If we are restricting ourselves in our fashion choices where’s the fun in fashion?! Gone! 
Few weeks ago I got the chance to get away for a bit from rainy and foggy place we call United Kingdom. Where did I run to? SPAIN! If I can be competently honest I’m gutted I haven’t stayed there! If any of you would have been there, you would understand why! Well, I’m sure some one of you have been there. Have you got any suggestions for places to visit when I’m there next time? So far I have seen only 3 small cities but I am excited to see more! 
Here is the first look that I have prepared from the sunny Spain, that’s the reason for the yellow background. Well, kind of! I’m kidding! I was walking to the beach and I’ve passed by this amazing yellow wall! I know sounds kind of stupid and random but aren’t the best ideas always the ones we don’t expect? Few weeks before by tip to Spain I have found this dress and completely fallen in love with it! It add something fresh to my wardrobe as you see it in color! Strange, right? Haha…I have bought it not only because I’ve found it unique and rather charming but also because it reminded me of the dresses designed by Lee Alexander McQueen [*] for this last show S/S ’10. The print dye on the dress reminded me of those dresses he designed. And that’s also the reason why I got it! As I was in Spain for one week mini holiday, I tried to give my feet a little high heel rehab! I don’t own proper flats, it’s sad but true (not for long!) but trainers are a perfect alternative for them! I find them even more comfortable than flats actually! You can run in them also! 🙂 But lets rewind for a second and think. jersey dress and trainers. Have Kinga turned into a sports chic!? Haha!! No! Do not worry I haven’t! To add a bit of glamour and chicness into my look I have decided to wear sliver cuffs and crystal bracelet. It gave a perfect balance to my look.  And it looks different! 🙂
P.S. If you see some pictures that seem random, don’t think it’s a mistake. I have wanted to share a bit more from my trip so here you go! 🙂 





Dress – Forever 21
Shoes – Fila
Cuffs – Sofia Dourvari
Bracelet – Swarovski
Bag – Primark 













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