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Ahh the past month has been extremely busy for me.  I haven’t even got a chance to blog!! You are allowed to hate me, but please don’t because I have some amazing goodies to show you! As I’ve said April was super busy month for me (it felt like fashion week all over again!) And you know why? Press Days! But what is a press day, some of you might wonder? Well press day is when lot’s of fashion and beauty brands are showing their newest collections to the press (obviously that’s why its called press day)! I was able to see, feel and touch the garments and try on the beauty products which was great! It gives a whole new blogging experience for me! Fashion shows are fun and all but I think press days are becoming more of my thing now, you can feel the clothes, talk to the PR or even designers, brand represents about the products, mingle with other bloggers and fashion writers and  also who doesn’t like a good gift?

You might have seen the amount of goodie bags I have  posted on facebook and instagram. I’m making this post to tell you more about those. On the beauty products i will write about each on of them on separate posts to telly you all the amazing effect they do. this post is to just tell show you all the amazing stuff I  got from press days and why I find them fabulous!


Avon is brand that needs to be in hands of every women who loves make up! I’m not kidding! Even if you will own at least on product, whatever it might be, it will make your life so much easier! While I was at Press Day last week (there were many bands showing there so let’s just call it press day, ok?) I could choose has many lip sticks and nail polishes as I could. (Yeah!) Not that I’m greedy or anything but I have chose 4 different shades of lip sticks and 2 nail vanishes (these are so glam) so I could have tone of things to write for you guys! Today I just wanted to share the lipsticks as I’m a huge lover of these! They stay on your lips for hours without moving!! I have chosen different shades called knock out, beyond pink, proper pink  and naturally nude. I am in love with these shades they will match every make up, hair or clothing on that matter. You can get yours here.

I love my hair! No kidding! I had always obsession with my hair since I can remember. I have always loved them but changed the hair style or color contently. And nothing annoys me more than having my hair dirty! I literately can’t cope when that happens. However when I travel it’s hard finding time to wash them, dry, and do my normal routine. That’s why dry shampoo is a perfect solution for these moments. Because dirty hair isn’t good enough reason to ruin good time! I have tried out the Batiste Dry Shampoo and it works like a dream! Plus the smell of floral is ideal for spring and summer time! Do your hair a floralver here!


To be completely honest with you I don’t tend to wear fake lashes (I have my own thank you 🙂 ) But to add a bit of glamour to my look I will make an exception. I’m quite lucky and have very long lashes and with a good mascara I can make them look like fake ones. however to add a bit of volume in them, I got no problem with wearing fake ones. While I was at Pret- a- Porter press day not only I got to see the brands but also get little bit pumper, and feed! They really know how to take care of a client! On the day I had a Shopcade party (which I was chosen to be their faces of march ekk!) and when I was asked if I’d want my lashes done I said ‘Yes’ without thinking! These lushes added lots of volume and bit of length to my natural eye lases, there are made out of real hair so they weren’t heavy! Get your own pair here


Another fabulous lip product. This one is more to add shine to your lips and hydrate them. Originally it was a nipple balm! But good old Dr. Lipp has decided to turn it into a lip balm for lips. And am I grateful?! Well, yes!! And how cute is the packaging?! Get your Dr. Lipp here.


Ahh good old Dove! If you want to make your skin hydrated and soft these are the products! From bath accessories to creams using these will defiantly be good for your skin! I’m sorry I’m not going in too much detail in this post but I’m doing a separate one so its going to give you more information on the products 🙂 Get your Dove here


First of all! How yummy does this cupcake looks?! I swear give me this cupcake on my plate (especially during breakfast time when I didn’t get much sleep) I will eat it without thinking! But surprise this cupcake is not meant to be eaten! Why? Because it’s something called bath brulees. And in simpler terms it’s a bath product, that makes your skin softer and makes it smell out of chocolate!! And who wouldn’t want to smell like a giant chocolate bar right? Get it here


If you have been reading my blog for a while I’m sure you might have notice I don’t have my hair in a pony tail often. But I think this might have change as I have discovered this amazing brand called Invisibobble at B Public Relations  Press Event along side with more amazing fashion and beauty brands! My hair use to be quite thick and I think every bobble would broke after few days and ended up in a bin. So far nothing like this happened with invisiboobles and I’m sure it won’t (since my hair isn’t as thick 🙂 🙂 Invisibobbles are awesome! Get yours here!


If I have to be completely honest I have never heard of this brand! Which some of you might contender bad especially since I am a huge fashion addict! But hey, even thou I’m in fashion for over 3 years I’m still learning and discovering new and exciting brands and designers. So, please do forgive me! However press days are amazing time to find out more about those brands. Maje was gifting that day and I got amazing clutch! Its so soft and just the right size, the texture of the fabric reminded me of Alexander Wang designs by the fabric used. I have picked out a lovely blood red one. Red has always been a color I could never get bored of. Choose your Maje bag here


Swarovski has always a jewellery brand I loved and was fascinated about! Their whole ascetics about jewellery  Check out my review on the collection in Meade Magazine here. As for the bracelet. I’m not going to lie, I was SO happy and excited about it! Not only because it was Swarovski but because I’ve found out I could wear it as a bracelet AND as a necklace! I love when I can wear my jewellery differently!  Get yours here! And please do read the article I wrote 😉 

I have a weird hobby, and it’s on the only one. I love having lot’s of note books, or sketch books! I think I’ve been collecting them since I was little when I really got into writing and sketching. I always need a note book in bag, whenever I’m going, you never know what can inspire a new outfit or an article! I got gifted a set of note books, with clear pages so I guess they are more sketch books but I will use them more like a note book probably 🙂 They all cam in set of 3 in lovely colors of, hot pink, violet and baby blue. I feel like they gave such a sweet touch to the gold logo as you see in the photo. Also the sides of the pages are gold!! How chic is it?! However Eres is a lingerie company who also has nightwear and swimwear. Check them out guys they are really incredible brand 🙂 You can get yours here


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