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Sunday suppose to be one of those days when it’s totally ok do to absolutely nothing and don’t feel bad about it. And here I am. Writing this post! I have wanted to share those those two amazing beauty products, I got gifted those amazing samples of those two products from Jeunvie Skin Care at Bloggers Love, couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try them out! 
But before I will start talking about how amazing these two products are, I’ve wanted to share a little bit more about the philosophy of the brand. 
Let’s not forget that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. And not that I’m a guru of healthy life style but I do try to take care of my body. In and out. You might not know this but I’m a huge beauty junkie! That’s why be prepared for more beauty posts in upcoming weeks, as I have more amazing products to share with you. But for now, let’s get back in the business and talk about JEUNVIE SKIN CARE AND LIP BALM. 
First of all. What is JEUNVIE? AND WHAT’S IT ABOUT?
The main philosophy behind the brand is all things natural. Well at least as natural as possible.  And it brings us to the the roots of skin care. Even thou I’m a beauty junkie, when it comes to the history of beauty and skin care I know nothing! But there are people who know much more than me, and no I’m not talking about Google or Wikipedia, they’re not people! Whenever I get something from the brand, or even get gifted something from them I like to do a little bit of research first. As I am curious and want to know as much as I can. However this time all the information needed was delivered to me. First of all I’ve wanted to say how amazing it is when brands have not only their history on their websites but also history about the products their selling. It really shows passion! 
So what I have found of from the JEUNVIE website I have found out that the roots of natural skincare comes from Egypt, from 4th millennium BC! Who knew that?! I didn’t! See, we learn something everyday. And Egyptians have used all kinds of things for their skin care eggs, olive oil or even dough! And let’s not forget there are people with all different skin types, from sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin all need different skin treatment from another. 
This is how the concept behind Jeunvie Skincare started! All the products delivered by the company are all Natural Organic, Paraben and Sulphate free! Those products both suitable for skin and hair. Designed to repair and protect skin. As skin will absorb everything you will put on it whenever its good or bad for it, it’s better to know what goes in it. But do not worry! All the ingredients used in JEUNVIE are all natural with a least amount of artificial products.
Since I’ve got them, these two products are a must in my hand bag! And here’s why.


Another little something that needs to be in my hand bag! And when I say little I mean little! The size of this bottle is too cute for words! It’s pocket sized perfect for a your fashionable  clutches or travel! And unlike from other moisturizers or beauty products you don’t need to use a big amount of it to keep your skin fresh, soft and hydrated. From a personal experience I have been using this product for few weeks and I still have some left, all thou I’m running out so I guess it’s time to order new one! It helped to keep my skin hydrated and soft. So thank you! My skin and I are happy! 🙂 
For sometime now I’ve been slightly obsessing over lip glosses, lip sticks and anything that can get my lips, shinny or add a little bit of color.  However where is the fun in putting on shinny lip gloss if the lips are moisturized enough? That’s why is very important to moisturize them! This natural organic lip butter is perfect for it! It moisturizes the lips within seconds, making sure they will stay hydrated for long time and it smells of roses! Is there anything more to ask for? I think not! 



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