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If you think fashion week is finished, done and forgotten about. Think again! Because Bloggers Love have done something special for just us, bloggers! It’s called Bloggers Fashion Week and it’s an event held in Central London few times a month. If you have popped down at my blog you might be familiar with it as I had few amazing opportunities to model and work with Bloggers Love. This time I came there for the event held on Wednesday the last day of Bloggers Fashion  Week. Seeing the brands, collections and the fashion show and of course having fun! I love the diversity of different brands shown at Bloggers Love. From make up, hair products, accessories, clothes and even lifestyle products as earphones! One of the first brands I have seen on that day were actually earphones company called Bass Buds. As we live in the world of technology and always see someone wearing headphones or earphones it’s an accessory which is a must! And how cute it looks! Those little diamonds on the earphones are way too cute!



Not only I got to see the fashion show and hang out with celebrities but I have also went backstage to see all the models getting prepared and also be an “assistant” to a make up artist, Lewis-Duncan Weedon. Well, I was just holding the eye shadow pallet and observing how the make up for the fashion show was done from start to finish which was great. I know I’m very privileged to go backstage at the fashion shows so every time  I’m there I try to talk to people involved and learned from them. Whenever it’s make up, hair or styling. And it’s tone of fun! I love this make up, I’m sure if you follow me on instagram or like my facebook page you will notice smokey eye is one of my favorites! This version of smokey eye you could see on the runway’s of Paris Fashion Week, for example Anthony Vacarello. But I think I will make a separate post about it. What do you think?





Photography: Me 
After hanging out backstage it was time for the coctails, mingles and of course the fashion show! Bloggers Love helps getting the expolsure the new and not so new fashion and beauty brands. What I love about the collection of the idems on the night is the diverity. There is something for everyone. And have I mentioned cupcakes!!! The event held in The Penthouse London located in Central London was filled with fashion bloggers and celebities. Such a fun night!
And can I thank Bloggers Love for this amazing Fashion Week concept!! Now we have fashion week every month!
With celebrity stylist, Lewis- Duncan Weedon



As always, I have asked Lewis- Duncan about which brands and designers he is wearing as I admire his fashion sense and consider him an inspiration. I believe it’s good to share different fashion inspiration.
Top- Valour & Valkyrie
Necklace – Tanya Igic
Scarf – Serena Hart
Pants – Mint Velvet 


Fossy Meade, editor in chef of Meade Magazine 










Photography by: Mobis Photo’s 
Photo booth fun! 




What I wore:
Jacket: H&M
Top and leather cuffs: Alexandra Carolina
Scarf: Vintage
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Frills: Frills by A.D@FrillsByAD
Shoes: Alexander McQueen


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