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Posted on March 1, 2014 by Kinga Kurek

Fashion Week has finished so let’s go back to the sad reality.No! I’m just joking! I have to give you all the details of the past week! Let be start with the first day (obviously) You already seen what I wore on that day so now it’s time to see what models wore! I was so excited it’s bit embarrassing to admit. With only two hours of sleep and terrible headache I still got the chance to enjoy this day. As you know it was my first season to see the shows! I went to Fashion Scout and I have seen some wonderful designers which you will see the work of in this post and up coming posts later in the week. Each designs from each designers were beautiful and different, because that’s what fashion is about. Individuality and self expression.

The first designer I have seen during Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week as quite a unique presentation by Napsugar. This Hungarian fashion designer has presented a very tailored and elegant collection for their Autumn Winter 2014/ 2015. With electric blue suits, leather tailored jackets and skirts as well as classic white shirts, the collection is perfect for those of you who like New York fashion. I personally really liked the collection! I have defiantly would wear some of the pieces, my favorite ones were the leather skirts and jackets.





The first fashion show during London Fashion Week, Fashion Scout the second collection I have seen was collection by Carrie-Ann Stain. These avantgarde, pastel outfits with pro-recycle statement it’s a brilliant way and very stylist to care about environment! I believe that the structured clothes worked very well with the colors and bold letters.










The second show during Ones To Watch at Fashion Scout was presented by George Styler. This avantgarde collection with embellished knitwear and rainbow sequinned leggings as well as braided hair. The collection is ment for someone who likes original pieces (such as me)! I loved the embellished knitted jackets. I think it would give really nice touch to black classic dress. Loved the collection!









What a beautiful collection!! During the whole show I was completely astonished! I couldn’t believe my  own eyes what I saw! As you know I am more monochrome girl. Black and white is the key for me.The colorful collection by Ong-Oaj Pairam made me change this way of thinking about fashion a bit. Colorful clothes can still look very chic and stylish. From patterns, color blocking and elegant silhouettes the collection inspired by Grace Kelly has shown true elegance.



















My favorite outfit from all the collection! I would wear it anytime and everywhere!





Collection presented by Pam Hogg inspired by feminist punk rock band from Russia, Pussy Riot, which meant to be a dedication to this band. I have found the collection the collection well, fun! Lot’s of colors and textures presented by new women swear designer on the first day of London Fashion Week. It’s not something that could be worn everyday, However that’s the matter of personal preferences. but if you want to show your originality the collection will help you show it.


















Photography: Alma Rosaz

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