FASHION| LFW Day 2, Sorapol London A/W 14

 This fashion show was held in a separate building,the collection presented by Sorapol during London Fashion Week was defiantly a fashion show I won’t forget. Not only the collection show was astonishing but also the feeling of the show made me feel bit nervous. But I quite liked it, when a fashion show, performance , music or just an art form  makes emotions like these, you just know it will stay in your mind for very long time (possibly forever!)  And I think that’s something fashion should do, it’s a huge part of living even for those who aren’t fashion crazy (you need to wear something after all). Fashion should make us emotional and move us. Trust me there were days when I was doing my Fashion BTEC and I was literally crying with my sketchbook open trying to get all the work done haha!
And I have a feeling designers and makers of this collection did so as well. When I’ve walked into the huge hall I didn’t know what to expect, with the light’s off, a “runway” in a middle of the hall and tone of people excited and bit confused just like me waiting for the show to start. And than this creepy music starts to play, totally unexpected and out of nowhere. I’m not gonna like I got little scared and thought “What the hell is going on?” A second after that thought the video of a model started playing on a huge screen at the back of the hall, I can’t really describe the sound on the video but it defiantly creep ed me out as well as the models in the video had fabrics stitched onto their skins. At least that’s what it looked like. Once the video finished the fashion show started! 


And than I understood what the video at the begging of the fashion show meant to tell us. As the first model walked out wearing nothing but a very fine organza dress in stunning color of light brown, it looked like her second skin! And stunning! As the fashion show continued the garments started to get darker and less see though. Let’s face it this collection is meant for Autumn/ Winter and I don’t know anybody who’d be this brave to wear it in a cold snowy weather. However if you want to wear it inside please do! I’m sure you will turn heads or even score a date 😉

But don’t worry if you aren’t as brave and like to wrap up during the cold day’s there is something for you! What has really caught my eye was the black and white fur. I have no idea if it was really or not but it was stunning. If you follow me you might notice I like the extravagant stuff. Very much! And this fur coat was defiantly something I would wear, with leather pants and channel my inner 80’s rock star 😉

Next to these fabulous coat you can find also a classic black dress with a twist, messy prints and one of my favorite colors for this season and according to Sorapol next one as well! Yes! Gold and silver! Not only clothes but also hair! I find it so interesting. At this moment I’m obsessed with unique hair colors and silver hair is something everyone of us is going to get eventually. But according to Sorapol we can just straighten them, grow long and wear them with pride!

Let’s not forget about the colors! From beige to baby pink and deep purple are the colors to show! The purple  mixed with incredible gold and silver stones reflecting on the whole surface of the dress creating this 3D effect makes it a true haute couture piece! I don’t even want to know how long this dress took to make. I’m sorry for this incredibly long post, or should I say essay?  From the moment I’ve seen this collection I knew I would write a lot!












Photography: Alma Rosaz


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