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Posted on February 6, 2014 by Kinga Kurek

On Sunday,  2nd February  we got the chance to attend award winning, couture designer Carlotta Actis Baronne Pre- LFW fashion show held in The Vibe Bar in Brick Lane. We have thought that we were late, but its very rare that fashion shows start on time so we got the chance to go backstage and take some photos as well as interview the designer, Carlotta Actis Baronne. I will post the video up here soon so you can hear her talking about her fantastic collection and see the backstage and the event itself.  But for today you will have to be satisfied with just the pictures 🙂 The collection that was presented was Spring/Summer 2014. The inspiration behind it were women who survived nuclear war. I can defiantly see the inspiration there was the colors were all a colors of earth, as I like to call it. Lots of beige and dull green which compiled together has an amazing effect. The jewellery was provided by Tanya Igic. I have seen the LDW collection and I’m still in love with each piece. The stylist of the night was Lewis- Duncan Weedon as well as the make up artist and celebrity model. Is there something is doesn’t do?! I really liked how he putted the jewelry with those clothes. The bigger pieces with more minimalist clothes. When Lewis- Duncan was talking to me about the clothes and how he stylized them, there was one dress, or a shirt-dress which was at the back of the rail. Unfortunately no one could fit it as it was size 4. But very surprisingly It fitted me!!! Trust me. I was in shock! So, it was decided for the night I was one of the models! As you might know I do some part time modelling and it’s lot’s of fun for me! Lewis-Duncan did my make up and hair for the show, brown and gold eye shadow with purple lips! Loved the combination with the clothes! When I had my make up and hair done we had waited a while to hit the catwalk. Alma, has took a really good video of the show so I will upload it very soon! For now enjoy the photos! 

Yes, fashion show’s make me smile 😉 

MUA and stylist Lewis-Duncan Weedon, doing my make up at backstage of Carlotta Actis Baronne fashion show.
…And done! I love it! Especially the purple, lipstick. I know someone hate this trend but I feel it gives quite a nice touch to nude and monochrome. 
Alma Rosaz has captured the model sleeping before the show. Well we all need out rest before LFW  🙂 
Celeb model, fashion stylist and make up artist backstage at the fashion show wearing 
Clothes: Carlotta Actis Baronne
Jewellery: LDW by Tanya Igic
Shoes: Jimmy Choo


With fashion designer, Carlotta Actis Baronne backstage before the fashion show. 


All the team backstage before the fashion show!
Me and celebrity stylist, make up artists and model, Lewis- Duncan Weedon before the fashion show


Pre- fashion show photo shoot. 





Photography by: Alma Rosaz




Lipstick : Sevanta Image



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