Interview with a fashion photographer Danny Baldwin

The first time I have discovered Danny’s Baldwin photography was a year ago. The moment I’ve seen it I knew there was something different in his photography.  I was lucky enough to have meet him during Fashion Festival in V&A Museum in October.  I took the opportunity to ask him couple of questions about his work.
1. How did you start your photography career? Was that always an interest of yours?
To be honest I was talking about this the other day with someone very close to me. It was very odd experience that I still don’t truly understand but am very grateful it happened. I was working full time in England in an office based environment and had enough so I planned to go travelling to take some time out, I didn’t know what I needed time out from but I knew I  just needed to do something different, I saved up and moved to Mexico and while I was there I volunteered at a children’s orphanage and then travelled for the rest of my time. It was during that time that fear started to set in of returning the UK and going back to my normal life. It sounds a bit silly but I was literally sitting on the beach one day and I thought why not try photography I guess it screamed escapism from normal life and routine for me but is still very bizarre as I had no previous photography experiences as such. I enrolled onto a college course and luckily someone dropped out in the first week so I was given a place. Thank you who ever you were because it really changed the direction of my life. I guess i had time to listen to myself and sometimes life distracts you from what you want to be doing so Im happy that i was fortunate enough to stop and listen to myself.

2.  What kind of photography do you like doing the most and why?
I like different genres of photography and appreciate many photographers in different styles of aesthetic, but it’s a feeling I can’t explain when i look through the lens and its that moment I have to press the trigger it’s when everything just comes together for me and I can’t resist pressing the trigger. I have been shooting a lot of men over the last year because the male figure is repeatedly static in so many images I have come across while women seem to be making all these crazy shapes and fill the frame in different ways, so I wanted to experiment with that and also test new techniques and work with interesting characters as well as pretty faces.
3.  You have done so many amazing editorials. Do you have a favourite one?
My favourite work is always my latest work, I’m proud of each shoot I have done because whether they are to everyone’s taste or not I have personally developed and learnt something new on every shoot. It’s good to look back and think oh i would change this or i would do this in a different way now, but that’s life we can’t go back we can only go forward so I like to focus on now and the future rather than scrutinise old work.

4. Do you have your favourite style of shooting?
I am often commissioned for my black and white photography. I love to shoot black and white and often when I’m even shooting colour projects I shoot through black and white software and retain all the colour info for the edit. I find shooting black and white i can easily identify tone line shape and texture more rapidly than processing colour. 
5. I remember you have told me, you have done some travelling. Did that effect you look on photography?
 Yes it had a huge impact as i explained it completely gave me the opportunity to escape normal life and listen to myself and make goals and targets.
6.Who’s work has influenced you the most?
This is a tough one, It can be an artist, a photographer , a person i meet in a shop , music, clothing, film anything really as long as that influences me in some sort of emotional or visual way if it provokes a reaction from me i can start to communicate it into a shoot.
7. What’s the thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
I wish that when i started created imagery I knew what i know so I could develop myself further quicker but things take time and experience and I respect that
8. From my modelling experience getting to know the photographer always helps me to work good with him. Do you have any way to connect with your models?
I guess each photograph / model relationship varies and for me it’s completely different each time, some models i have worked with have been shy and some very extravert so I guess it’s just about being able to communicate with people from all walks of life and being able to get a rapid connection to be able to produce what’s intended for the client or my own personal vision.
9. What type of camera you like using the most?
My preferred brand is Canon primarily when shooting digital, but it completely depends on the project and client and what i am shooting that helps me to determine what best equipment to use to be able to deliver the results I intend.
10.I have seen most of your work is taking in studio. Do you like shooting fashion shows or street style?
I love shooting location as well as digital but most of my work that has been viewed is studio, I guess this has happened due to me owning my own studio and client requests. I love fashion show and backstage imagery but it’s not part of my signature style so I don’t focus on producing that genre of photography within my own body of work .
 11. Do you have any advice for aspired photographers?
I think a lot of people think it’s a quick and easy way to get money in the bank and a glamorous lifestyle, in fact it is a very hard working and demanding job that has to be a true passion as it doesn’t just consume most of your life it is you and your life. I would advise them to shoot as much as they can as experience will help technically and expand their network.
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