Top 10 Christmas Gifts

There are 10 days left till Christmas and we’re all looking for a perfect gifts for family members, friends or simply our selfs because lets be honest we all need little something from time to time. Especially if we were good this year if not that’s even better you will give yourself a motivation to be better next year!
So here is mine Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your loved ones!

1. LDW by Tanya Igic Jewellery
A piece of jewellery is always a good gift idea! As it will last for a whole year and longer. This piece from LDW range by Tanya Igic Jewellery is a perfect gift for a fashionable lady who likes to stand out and be classy at the same time. This leather bracelet and necklace is going to look great for everyday and evening time, New Years Eve perhaps?
2. Adourable 
Adourable has a wide range of jewellery and accessories! This gold heart shaped necklace for example is extremely practical as you can wear it everyday and for a night out. And believe me but on both occasions whenever I went I got tones of complements! It looks chic, elegant, it’s one of a kind a perfect gift for a sister or your mother. I am sure they will love it as much as I do!
3. Sofia Douvari
When it comes to gifts its good to have many choices. In that case Sofia Douvari is perfect for those who want to get a gift for your sisters, mothers or girlfriends as she has everything! From jewellery to very festive evening wear which you can wear on many different occasions all year and look fabulous!

4. Lasula
Lasula has defiantly got the perfect fashion gift you are looking for! From unique everyday clothing, to party wear and shoes I am sure you will find anything you need! I got gifted a very cozy and stylish leopard embellished sweater which I just adore! It’s a perfect gift as it will defiantly keep you warm! Other from that they have an amazing range of party wear!

5. New CID Cosmetics
Cosmetics are always a good idea for a Christmas gift! I really recommend this lip gloss from New CID Cosmetics! It’s a very good gift for girls who loves lip glosses and a night out! When I’ve seen and tried this lip gloss I was amazed! Not only it keeps your lips nice and smooth, shiny and tastes like peppermint but it also comes with a little light and mirror! If this isn’t great I don’t know what is!

6. Colin Leslie Eye wear
Something for girls and guys! For those who wear glasses and for those who don’t need to. Also for those who care about the environment and those who like look good. Colin Leslie Eye wear range has stylish glasses and sunglasses! It ideal for a Christmas gift for your family members who wears glasses and for those who love sunglasses but can’t find that perfect pair.

7. Chanel Nail polish
Nail polish is very practical and elegant gift for Christmas! Especially in bodyguard! I am in love with this color and its shade! Plus it won’t chop of after a little while!

8. Skin Care: Ziaja Anti- Stress and Cleanse Masks
Some of you might wonder giving a beauty mask for Christmas might be bit risky right? Well no! As these two masks are amazing! The anti-stress one is ideal for someone who’s always on the run and needs bit of relaxing from time to time. As well as it cleans your skin! The cleanse mask also cleanses your face while getting rid of all the black heads and spots. Also each pocket lasts up to 3 usages! A perfect way to start 2014 fresh and relaxed!

9. Frills by A.D 
I know. Socks for Christmas?! But look before you judge. These frills are one of a kind and perfect for every individual! There is a wide range of different styles and kinds of frills. From studded to pretty metallic gather I’m sure you will find something for yourself or your family and friends. And it will keep them warm and styling! Which makes it a perfect Christmas gift!

10. Vivienne Westwood clutch 
This Vivienne Westwood clutch is ideal gift for a girl who likes to stay elegant but still keep that punk look! It will defiantly turn heads whenever you will go somewhere!
I hope I have helped you to chose the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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