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2013 is coming to an end. And I have wanted to look back and tell you my top 13 moments of 2013. Well for some reason number 13 is known as an unlucky number, well, for me it isn’t (thank God!) This year has been so exacting and full of amazing opportunity’s for me! So here you go! My top 13 moments of 2013:
1. LASULA Fashion Show at Stella McCartney studio
It was the first time for me to model for LASULA Boutique and get to work with celebrity stylist and  model and make up artist Lewis- Duncan Weedon and fashion blogger Fossy Meade and other wonderful Lasula models! The fashion show was held in Stella McCartney building, and for a fashion fanatic like myself it was defiantly one of the moments I wont ever forget! The fashion show itself was just amazing! The garments, venue and event itself was breathtaking! And lets not forget about the amazing team!

2. London Fashion Week, September 2013
London Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in England! And I don’t see how I couldn’t be there this year (at least outside the venue haha)! I have seen so many amazing and inspirational people and also met my favorite British fashion blogger, Olivia Emily!

3. Bloggers Love Events
Ok, not its becoming a problem of were to start haha! I gotten this wonderful opportunity to model for Bloggers Love Events few times this year and each event and fashion show was just amazing! The designers, other models, other blogger and lets not forget the host, Lewis – Duncan Weedon! Each show with Bloggers Love Events was a huge success, I have learned so much from working with them!

4. Colin Leslie Eye wear Launch 
Earlier this month I have been invited to Colin Leslie Eye wear launch by the wonderful designer Colin Leslie! It was such fun being part of this event it was really amazing, the people, collection and the whole event! I am not going to say to much as I am preparing a separate post about it!

5. Adourble Launch
Their jewellery is really something special! At the event I got to model this fantastic jewellery also dress my Sofia Dourvari (purple one)! It was really an amazing event by Bloggers Love Events! Full of wonderful people, in a venue in heart of London and fantastic designs! Wait for a separate post about it in 2014 😉

6. Superstar Magazine Christmas Party
I was invited to this fantastic Christmas event held in Superstar Club by its founder Adam Danyal. It was an amazing event full of fun, good friends and music!

7. “Black is the new porn” Look
I have worn so many outfits this year! But this one is defiantly on of my favorites! I have worn it in May, and love this look till now! Its just so me!

8. Superstar Magazine LFW After Party, September 2013
In September for London Fashion Week Superstar Magazine and Superstar Club held an after party. It was my first time in Superstar Club and I must say I have enjoyed every second of it! It was such fun event full of models, designers and celebrities.

9. Fashion Finest Awards November 2013
Fashion Finest Awards was the first award ceremony I have been to EVER! It was a new experience for me, I have met few people from fashion industry there and have seen how award ceremony looks like, cos lets me honest they look differently on TV than in real life haha!

10. This is only Rock n Roll photo shoot
I have done this photo shoot in April with Klaudia Wo’s Photography. I have really enjoyed the shoot as Klaudia is such a professional and pleasure to work with! I love this rock look! I consider my style a punk chic and this look kind of represents it.

11.Halloween Special
This was a special photo shoot for this blog I have done with my lovely model friend Rosemary Lloyd! We were using vintage Victorian dresses in secret location in London. I have enjoyed this shoot so much even thou it was cold 🙂

12. Uxbridge College Fashion Show
It was my end of year fashion show where 1st and 2nd year of fashion were able to show their designs from projects we have done over the period of our course. It was second and final fashion show for me there. I was super nervous as it was first time ever to show my designs at the fashion show! However I had a wonderful team to keep me calm and support me!

Designer: Kinga Kurek
Photographer: John Blake
MUA: Mohamed Far-dear
Model: Rosemary Lloyd 
Designer: Kinga Kurek
Photographer: John Blake
MUA: Mohamed Far-dear
Model’s: Renata Kovalcuk & Kinga Kurek 

13. Lasula Launch 
It was my second time to model for Lasula and it was as always amazing and such fun! The fashion show was with Bloggers Love Events which meant BLOGGERS! haha I have met few bloggers there and celebrities as well! The event was really amazing experience for me.


Lasula Boutique @lasulaboutique
Lewis- Duncan Weedon @ldweedon
Fossy Meade @fossymeade
Bloggers Love Events @Bloggers_Love
Rosemary Lloyd @RosemaryLloyd18
Olivia Howell @LivHowell
Sofia Dourvari @SofiaDourvari

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  • justyna January 23, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Number 5, the black pvc/faux leather/shiny dress. Definitely your best look EVER. Find a dress like that and buy it Kinga, it's definitely more chic and flattering on your than most of the ridiculous dresses and studded shit you wear. Try Zara and ASOS, they have loads of similar faux leather dresses and you look bloody amazing in them, just stay away from studs when you wear them.


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