LIFESTYLE | Celebrity Blind- Folded Haircut by Stuart Phillips

Posted on December 18, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

Stuart Philips is an award winning celebrity hairdresser as well as official hairdresser to OK! Magazine Online. He’s also an owner of his hair salon based in Central London, “Stuart Philips”. Last night I was invited by Stuart Philips to this fantastic event! When I’ve arrived there, the salon was already full of people, talking and enjoying the champagne.

Stuart Philips has performed he’s blind- folded haircut on Razor Ruddock from Big Brother. The event was also covered by Superstar PR Reality Show. It was the first celebrity blind folded haircut ever done by Stuart Philips and I must say he has done a wonderful job! 

Hairdresser Stuart Philips and Razor Ruddock


Stuart Philips and Razor Ruddock during the haircut. 


After the event, Lewis- Duncan Weedon with Gordon Flynn 


Myself and Lewis- Duncan Weedon both wearing Colin Leslie Eyewear
Photography by: Walterlan Papetti
Lewis- Duncan Weedon in front of Stewart’s Phillips hair salon, wearing:
Glasses – Colin Leslie Eyewear
Blazer – By Rose
Belt – Hermes
Bag – Pavoni Tote
Pants – Stella McCartney
Boots – Russel n Bromley
The Salon is situated at
 25 Monmouth Street,
Covent Garden,
Have a good evening,



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