LDW Jewellery Launch: Interview Lewis- Duncan Weedon

On 21st November in Harpenden at Oui boutique a launch and a fashion show was held of a new jewellery line designed by Lewis Duncan Weedon and Tanya Igic. It was a charity event for St. Frances Hospice. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this fabulous event but Lewis- Duncan was kind enough to give me all the details on the new chic line of jewellery.
11. What was the inspiration behind the designs?
The pieces are simple chic and classy so I think fit with my french background. With the aquamarine bit of glamour and sparkle.
22. These designs look very personal to you. Who do you see wearing them?
So for it to be my favourite colors and aquamarine my birth stone used within the pieces of her core range and we would design some couture pieces which show both our artistic side. They turn from day to night and the texture is soft and loose. So you don’t feel like the pieces wear you.
33.  How did your collaboration with Tanya Igic looked like?
      The idea came about when I meet the designer Tanya Igic at London Fashion Week. She gifted me a bracelet in red leather. Princes trust colors. We spoke after and decided to chat about maybe me being involved. It so came that it would be a good idea to have a LDW range for her brand.
  4. Can your jewellery designs can be purchased?

At Oui boutique in Harpenden, my home town. We are also excited about the launch of Oui and Nikki Kaye. 

Olivia Howell holding S/S 14 line at Oui.
The designer of LDW Jewellery line, Lewis- Duncan Weedon at the event wearing the LDW jewellery. 
Photo by: John Blake ( Blackrose Photography)
This is the couture of jewellery! I am so gutted I wasn’t able to see these pieces in my own eyes. I am sure they look even more amazing in life. I can tell these pieces had to take ages to design and make! There is so much detail in each design. I love how each of them is different but when put together it creates perfect jewelry collection. The main component is leather which is one of my favorite fabrics ever! I think they way its used in this jewelry line is just amazing as leather is quite heavy fabric and most of jewellery pieces with leather involve look quite big and heavy but those pieces are look very chic and delicate. They are perfect for a night out, and even for everyday if you want to be noticed. With these you can just wear a classic black dress and take a breath from everyone as the jewellery will do all the job! I love every piece in this collection! Its fun and elegant!
Photography by: Serguei Cherkassov
Lewis- Duncan Weedon:@ldweedon
Tanya Igic:@tanyaigic
Oui Harpenden: @OuiHarpenden
Don’t forget to go to Oui Harpenden and buy these amazing pieces!
Have a goodnight,

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