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Posted on November 4, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

Couple of weeks ago I was invited to Danish Wakeel’s birthday celebrations held in Aura Mayfair Club in Central London. As many fashion event’s this one had a dress code called “ROMANTIC VOGUE”. I really liked the idea of romantic Vogue dress code even thou it’s not really my style but I could defiantly work with it. I am a very cuirius person and always look at fashion magazines, websites and books to find the most fashionable and unique looks and fashions. So as always I have done a little research on this look. At the end I have decided to wear my A.C. long, draped dress. I love it to bits as it represents my sense of style and fashion perfectly! It’s elegant but not perfect. If you look closely you could see the burned out holes. 



I may know exactly what to wear and how to style it up but when it comes to beauty I know someone who’s far better at it than me. My close friend Klaudia Woloszyk is brilliant in make up and hair, and also know’s a bit of photography which is always handy. The best thing about her is she is always willing to do my hair and make up when I’m going out! I have explained to her what kind of look I was going for and the theme of the party. At the end she has done her signature make up on me, smokey eye as it’s suits me perfectly, well at least according to her. I think she has done a brilliant job with it, smokey eye not only suits my style and face but also is fashionable this season. And also you can wear it in different colors! As it was elegant event for my lips she has used my cherry lipstick from Berry M, that I got from Lasula gift bag. For my hair she has flipped them to one side, it’s slowly starting to become my signature look, and curled as curled hair also work with my face type. That’s why I love having my make up and hair done by Klaudia! She is able to make the make up much me, and also make it work with my face type!


These are the products she has used on me to create this look:
Face- rimmel foundation , collection 2000 concealer, nyx blush and brozer from a pallet
Eyes-nyx shadows, chanel cream eyeliner used as cream eyeshadow, colletion 2000 glitter pigment on top, collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
mascara- l’orel volume million
Lipstick – Berry M Cherry


Make up & Hair and Photography by: Klaudia Woloszyk
Rosemary Lloyd, Me and Danish Wakeel. 
Dress – A.C
Ring – Dziki Zachod
Bag – Vintage


Photography by: CLO Photography
Have a good evening! What did you thought of this look? 

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