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Lewis- Duncan Weedon has been nominated for a style icon of the year at Finest Fashion Awards which will have it’s ceremony in beginning of November in London. I had a pleasure of working with Lewis- Duncan on several occasions and he really is the best of the best when it come’s to fashion. Whenever it is styling, make up, being a presenter and a model. As well as celebrity ambassador for Princes Trust and lot’s of fashion brands such as Pavoni, House of Halos, Lasula Boutique, Oui and Nikki Kaye! With this Princes Trust work he is goes to homeless shelters, youth clubs as well as red carpet events to support young people in Britain  I consider him one of my fashion inspirations and fashion icon’s as I find this fashion sense and take on fashion truly magnificent. He always know’s how to put classic pieces together and make them look absolutely breath taking. You know when you meet someone and you can see they are breathing, living and loving fashion? That fashion is in their blood? Well, that’s Lewis- Duncan Weedon. 
1. Fashion Week is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us fashionistas. How was it for you? 
Yes, fashion week was amazing I went to 32 shows on/off schedule which is great. To see a mix of designers and the new up and coming people.
2. Did you have a special way of surviving it? 
To survive it  I must say lots of water and coffee have flat shoes with you as a back up and hard to do but try not to hit the champers too hard and huge sunglasses.

3. Have you seen any new exciting talent’s this season? 
This season’s new talent I must say  I love Feather m London. Stunning bags with different skins.

4. Which shows did you like the most from S/S 14 at London Fashion Week shows?
Looked after by pop pr. I must say their list of designers is amazing.

5. I hear you have a blog now.Could you tell me more about it? 
My blog is It’s a online diary of events, my outfits and who I like to wear,watch etc. Just fun.

6. Who are your favorite designer at this moment?
Fab designer Carlotta Acits Barone . A very close friend of mine. Also a fashion finest this season Sofia Douvari. stunning designer and also I modeled for her during S/S 14 fashion show at LFW. 

7. And the best things are saved for the last. How does it feel to be nominated as a Style Icon of the Year at Fashion Finest Awards? 
Very excited about style icon nominee. It means a lot to me. Fashion is in my blood and I take it very seriously  as a fashion icon means long term glamour, classic and elegance. 

8. How can we support you here?
Setting trends not following. 

Bag – Pavoni

Jacket- Vintage YSL

Top- Peppermint Giraffe/ Trousers- Lasula Boutique/ Shoes- Christian Louboutin

Jacket & Top – Lasula

Jacket- Lasula Bag – Pavoni

Top – Lasula Bag – Pavoni Necklace – House of Halos

Top- Peppermint Giraffe 

Modelling for Sofia Dourvari at LFW S/S 14


Fashion Finest Awards will be held on 2nd November 2013 at Central London. 

Tweet Lewis- Duncan Weedon at @ldweedon

He deserves to win the Fashion Icon Award without a doubt. Fingers crossed. 

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