Halloween Special: The Victorian Era

Posted on October 31, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

Happy Halloween!!
Anyone of you feel spooky? I don’t know how you feel about Halloween but I personally love it! I think it’s one day a year wear I wear my normal clothes and make up and people are not looking at me weirdly haha…Jusst kidding.
No actually I’m not.




Few weeks ago me and my good friend Rosemary Lloyd have came out with an idea of a Victorian Halloween photo shoot back in September. She collects Victorian and vintage dresses, corsets and accessories. I have to say when I’ve first heard about this idea I kinda freaked out as I have thought to my self “I don’t have any Victorian garments and I dont have enough time to make them!”  However she has reassured me she has all the garments and for the first time in my life I didn’t have to worry about the styling and organisation for the shoot. Well not really as I have, as always have my ideas about styling, make up and hair! So I guess I could say this shoot was a group effort.








We shoot in a secret cemetery. I really liked the idea of shooting in a cemetery as it’s quite a spooky place and ideal for Halloween themed shoot. But at the same time I find cemetery’s and Gothic references beautiful and somehow enchanting no matter how spooky they seem to be. I personally love smokey eye and messy hair whenever this is Halloween or not I will wear it! I love the messiness and mystery behind the smokey eye. It’s ideal for a red carpet event or a everyday look. The messy hair looked very balanced with the white dress.












Me and Rosemary wore 2 outfits each. I have worn more clean and bride’s like garments and Rosemary wore dull green silk dress with purple corset. The garments worked for both of us as me for example is more tanned than Rosemary so white garments are very see on my skin tone as Rosemary is very pale with dark features so the dull colored garments looked very Gothic but a fairly tale like on her!



































Photography by: Rahul Walawalakar
Make up and hair by: Sabrine Hdia
Dresses and Accessories provided by: Rosemary Lloyd
Models: Kinga Kurek and Rosemary Lloyd
Have a great Halloween everyone! Stay Scary!
Lot’s of love,


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