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Posted on September 13, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

London Fashion Week is officially here! And for those who work in a fashion industry it is considered one of the most stressful times of the year. From designer’s, photographer, models and bloggers. So here are my few tips how to survive it. They work at least for me… Will they for you?

1.  Caffeine 

I consider myself a caffeine addict, I can drink it 24/7 and when Fashion Week is on, it is my only way of survival! My personal favorites are: Red Bull light, only in midday thou,on the after parties or when I’m updating this blog. In the morning I prefer Skinny Latte or black coffee from Caffe Nero or Starbucks, whichever is the closest. 😉

2. Heelless high heels / flats

For those of you are just like me and dont own flat’s in their wardrobes heelless high heels are just the thing you were looking for! Not only you’re going to look unique and stylish in them you are also going to be warm and comfortable! I swear!

Alexander McQueen

3. Black

And by black I mean everything and anything! From make up to clothes and shoes! Fall is time when dark eye shadow is a must. At least for me! 😉 I absolutely love black and all the shadows of brown and grey! By putting the right amount and shades you can create very dark look for very soft. And it goes with any clothes you will wear!

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2013- 2014 Show

4 Jacket/ Coat

Unfortunately, during S/S 14 LFW shows it’s going to get colder, and more wet, as its London were it rain’s most of the time, so please don’t forget your over sized coat’s and leather jacket’s. My favorite one that I own are red one from New Look and black leather vintage.

New Look
5. Sunglasses
To keep the rain and camera flash out of your eyes sunglasses are a must! Too bad I just cannot find a pair that will fit my tinny head 🙁 But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them!

Prada S/S 13
6. Phone charger 

… In my case blackberry. If any of you has this phone than you know how bad the battery is and how quickly it runs out. Especially if you are constantly uploading pictures and new’s from the shows on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Stylish hand bag
I don’t expect you to carry your phone, in your pocket’s but at the same time caring a massive hand bag isn’t going to look good or me comfortable. That’s why recommend this purse from H&M. It reminds me of Givenchy hand bags for Fall 2013.


8. Lipstick
Red lips are defiantly one of my favorite make up trend for Fall / Winter 2013! Whenever the color is red or mat maroon, make sure to have it in your purse! It is going to be you look elegant with whatever you’re wearing!

Taylor Momsen at New York Fashion Week S/S 14 Show.
9. Scarf

Since Alexander McQueen skull printed scarfs went on the fashion market I cannot remember the time when someone refused to wear them .Whenever its Fall 2013 or Spring 2010 there is always someone who will wear it! It will defiantly add a chic and a rock edge to your look!

Alexander McQueen

10. Jewellery 

When it come’s to jewellery I treat it the same way as I do with clothes. And that’s original and with layers! When you cannot find a piece that isn’t unique enough for you, buy lots of simple things and add them up! That’s what I do.

Chanel Fall 2013/2014

Have a fabulous London Fashion Week everyone! I hope this post will help you 😉


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