The person who said men can’t multitask clearly haven’t met Lewis- Duncan Weedon. He’s a creative director at LDW Atelier, celebrity stylist, celebrity model and Prince’s Trust’s Ambassador!  In my opinion uniquity  is everything in fashion and this men has definitely got it! He was kind enough to take a short interview with me.

1.What are you currently working on?
Currently I am working on a mix of things. I have just taken in new PR Lady Charlotte and I have big plans. 

2. When your love for fashion has started?
From a young age watching my grandmother who was a designer and an artist. I’ve loved fashion and how you can express that’s days feeling in your clothing. Fashion is in my blood

3. Who’s your ideal client?
With design and clients I believe in classic knowing your body and what suits you. I want my clients to look a more polished version of them selfs. I love making some one feel special 

4. I love your style! How would you describe your personal style? Does it have any effect on your designs?

My personal style. Is simply that’s I wear what I love and feel great in. I love vintage and high end. I think elegance is key the french in me. Statement pieces. I love my bags. Just working with pavoni official and I’m the ambassador for sparkling jewellery and Nikki Kaye Boutique.

5.Designer/brand of the moment?
Has to be Victoria Beckham. Stunning forever pieces. I do have quite a few pieces. I adore her .

6. Model of the moment?

Model Gabbi Gatehouse my friend who manages to embody whom ever she is wearing/modelling for. True style .

7. Piece every women should own for Spring Summer 2013?

 Must have for summer rose gold coin necklace from Perfect for every outfit.

8. What’s your advice for aspired designer’s and stylist’s?

 People will knock you. Rise above. You must believe in yourself.


McQueen white skull scarf/ Bag Louis Vuitton/ Skinny jeans Victoria Beckham


Chanel jacket /pavoni Bag


Jacket LDW Atelier / Belt hermes/ Clutch embelished with vintage necklaces.


vintage hat /clothes wintage halston /jewellery nikki kaye boutique /bag pavoni


White strip top/ Fullwoods/ Jewellery Tiffany n co. / Bag mini k from pavoni
Carlotta actis barone/ Glasses Chanel/ Bow tie topman
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