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Vlada Roslyakova Fall 2012 Couture Ulyana Sergeenko

Some of you might already know with this but other from
blogspot blog I also have a tumblr page. What I have recently discovered are ‘model confessions’. On these pages people can post confessions on their favorite and not so favorite models. Other from that people confess on how a perfect model should look like and how there aren’t enough  diversity in the fashion industry. There were two types of confessions what I’ve been hearing for ages now, not only on tumblr but from people I know. “Models shouldn’t be so skinny” or “I am 5’1″ I will be successful just wait for me” First of all. No one in fashion is going to wait for you. Some of these people don’t see that fashion despite all the glamours  is business where trends for styles and models change rapidly. Even if you’d be the most beautiful women in the world no one would hire you! The requirement  in model’s are at least 5’8″ and size 6 and 8 for high fashion. I am sorry to break it to you guy’s but the whole point of model’s reaching such high standards is so it would be unique. If it would be so easy to be a model everyone would be one. And what’s the point then?

Anja Rubik in Antony Vaccallero 
Karlie Kloss – Fall 2012 Couture Elie Saab

Other from that people are complying about models being so skinny. Well let me tell you a little story. I was always skinny and I have that kind of body structure , you could always see my rib cage, collar bones and hip bones. I’m always the “skinny one”. Now I like it and I have no problem with that whatsoever  But when i was younger I use to hate it. Model’s being really skinny made me like it the way I am.I think some people are forgetting that if you’re skinny you have to like it. I didn’t till now. Before you criticize model’s or fashion industry for picking really skinny model’s and complaining  how it make’s you feel bad about you’re self because you’re not size 6 please remember that there are few people left who are skinny naturally and seeing model’s their size really make’s them appreciate and like their own thin bodies.

Joan Smalls – Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Emilio Pucci
What are you’re thought’s on model’s thinness?

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    May 1, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I really enjoy reading your post!

    Well done ^__^

    Have a Lovely evening,


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    May 2, 2013 at 6:53 am

    This is a tough question to answer, but a very thought provoking post:)! I've been thin for most of my life too and I always felt really uncomfortable with it. Recently I put on about 15 lbs and now I feel more comfortable….but that's just me. I do believe some models, actresses, etc…are TOO thin…it's extreme…it doesn't look good or natural. And then there is the healthy, naturally skinny…which is fine with me. I completely understand what your saying about the industry and it's true. Models are models for a reason…be it their height, weight, beauty, etc. Great post girl!

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