Finding the right jewellery isn’t easy, at least it’s not for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it difficult! Jewellery is a fashion accessory which should be a reflection of your personality, of your style. Luckily my path crossed with the one of Gwen Robbana a Jewellery Designer and I got the privilege to work with her. She’s got her own incredible line, Angel Creations London with 3 lines: Angel Couture, Angel by Day and Fun and Funky Angel. Everything is handmade…! She was kind enough to take a short interview with me and talk to me about her designs. Let me introduce her to you…
How did you get into fashion?
I got into it by doing a charity fashion show with See Li Photographer
How did you start your line?
I went to a bead shop to repair a necklace which I really liked…I ended buying lots of beads and made my first design!
Who are your customers? 
You, anyone who reads this, models, designer, colleagues at work, your friends and family.
What inspires you?
Everything and anything really… the weather seasons, mood, colour trending in fashion, nature…
Who are your favorite jewellery fashion designers?
Mmmm let me think?! 😉 It would have to be Cartier being French…
How did you get into card making?
My Grandparents would sometimes care for me after school. Little, my Grandmother always used to say, do something with your hands instead of watching TV. It stuck… started with family and friends, customized their cards for Christmas with pictures of their kids. Recently I did a few for colleagues at work getting married. Judging by smile on their face when they opened the envelop, I think they liked it!
How long does it take to design and make jewellery?
Designing can take really long. Sometimes I have an idea in my mind for weeks, months. That’s actually the worst case, cause then I have to source the exact beads I have in mind for the perfect design, like for the black and gold collection, it took me just under 1.5 hour to make one earring! I designed this 3 pieces necklace and bracelet for Miss Greater London.
What matters to you the most as a designer?
Make someone happy with my design! To see the J smile J one their face and the piece taking life with them. Realising a customer order and hear a thank you. Priceless….
Do you prefer sketching or making?
I do both. I sketch ideas and designs, especially even more so when I know I won’t get to realise straight away, so I can come back to it later. When I feel like making something for a party or event, I just pop in the “Angel Creations London Boudoir” and “hop”, a pair of earrings with feathers and semi-precious black onyx cross is created!
What do you like most about jewellery design?
The fact that the possibilities are endless and I can chose what it will look like. I can change it and trust me the original ideas often turn out far from what it is, better often!
What do you dislike about designing jewellery? 
That I have to say good bye to my babiieees! 😉 and also I wish they could a be a bead finder to would locate the type of beads I have in mind. Is that too much asking?!?
How do you define your dress code?
Fairly casual during the week. I do however very much enjoy dressing smart and putting make up on for events and nights out. Always with jewellery! Love it!
Does it influence your ideas?

Yes, I have 3 collections, Angel by day, Angel Couture, and Fun and Funky Angel all 3 represent me very well.

Designer Gwen Robbana wearing one of her piece.
Photo by: Unique Moments Photos
Model: Aneeka Williams
Photo by: Jean-Christopher Hermier
Wearing the black and gold collection limited edition at Miss Greater London. 

Gwen Robbana and her models at Fashion Fantastic Show. 
Photo by: Tavi Meyer 
Make sure to take a look at
What do you think of the jewellery? Let me know in the comments! 

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