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Posted on April 8, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

I have promised you more posts and I tend to keep that promise.  Yesterday sun was finally out! So as always me and my friend/personal photographer Klaudia have done a small photo shoot  For a second time we have tried portrait’s and they have turned out even better than the last one’s! That’s only my opinion. For my make up she has used black eyeliner and 3 different shades of brown eye shadow. This type of make up is slowly  becoming my trade mark. The reason she has used brown eye shadow is to show my green eye’s more clearly. You might now believe it but I’m not wearing any fake eyelashes  the one’s you see here are real! What has Klaudia done is used eyelash curler and mascara to bring out the volume.

Hair, Make up and Photography: Klaudia Woloszyk

Her Page:

Make up:
Eye Shadow: NYX
Foundation: Max Factor
Concealer: Loreal
Bronzer and Blush : NYX
Mascara: Loreal

Top: New Look

Please check out her page! If you’d want to do a shoot with her just message her!
Have a lovely Monday! Tomorrow I will post my styling!

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