When it come’s to fashion I am a freak. Mention to me a book, a song or a movie which is about fashion I will defiantly check it out.  That’s why its not a surprise I have watched Picture Me: Model’s Diary  movie by an ex-model Sara Ziff and Ole Schell . This is a movie made by her throughout her modelling career and showing the insides of modelling and fashion industry .Watching that film you get to see fashion shows, photo shoots  fittings and interviews with designers,models and fashion show producers. This is a movie which at the same time I love and can watch it 24/7 but there is one thing I cant stop thinking about after watching it. If you get the privilege of modelling for top fashion houses like Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Donna Karen and than just quit the industry because “your tired of modelling” sounds bit too made up for me. Of course its a good story but by making this movie she doesn’t show any respect to people who have hired her. Think about it. If you were hired to walk for the best fashion houses in the industry and not to mention get scouted on the streets of New York at the age of 18 by one of the top modelling agency’s  NEXT would you left after couple of years later?
Well there is other side of this movie and not so bad. It shows the light into modelling world and makes some people think before entering it. there are lots of thinks happening in the fashion industry that most people wont talk about and decide to keep quiet. However this movie show’s the real danger of modelling for different and what happens backstage. This movie takes us backstage of the fashion shows and having models “interviewed” of how modelling is working out for them and what are their plans for the future  As many of them were scouted at the age of 14-18 and left school to start working as a professional models they didn’t really knew what to do later when their modelling careers will finish and lets look at this realistically modelling isn’t a life long career. Usually model’s stop working by the age of 30.



Personally I think it’s a movie worth watching but don’t believe everything you hear, it’s a movie so it’s obviously directed. Did any of you got the chance to watch it yet?


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