Paranormal Activitiy Fashion Show

Posted on April 7, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

Hello my lovely’s!
Lately my life is full of fashion event’s such as casting’s, photo shoot’s and of course fashion show’s! At the moment for the past couple of weeks I’ve been to 3 fashion show’s and worked for really talented people. This time one of the designer’s I’ve met and worked with last week asked me to work with her on Paranormal Activity fashion show where one of her collection’s was shown. I came there to work as a model dresser but I’ve been asked to model for two designer’s Anthi Giannopoulou and Aleah Leighdesigner! I say these two  collections couldn’t be more different from each other. But that’s what makes fashion exciting! Every time I work in a fashion show and see all of the clothes from different designers it’s amazing  how creative people can be!
I have lot’s of pictures to show you from the event some of them taken by me and other’s by professional photographer’s.

Photographer: Janusz Miarka
Designer (in the middle): Anthi Giannopoulou
Jewellery: Angel Creations, London

Photographer: Sultan Rahi

Photorapgher: Boguslaw Mastaj
Designer: Aleah Leighdesigner

And here are picture’s taken by me:
Hope you like the clothes and pictures! Make sure to check out designer’s and photographer’s other work!  🙂

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