Star Power Over Me 27/01/13 Outfit

After snow, cold weather and grey sky, the sun finally came out! It feels like winter is slowly leaving us and I’m over joyed as I hate it. So yesterday I was modelling at the Make a Charity Fashion Show. There were 3 different designers, dancers and singer. The whole show took 4 hours but as a model I had to show up much  earlier. The designers clothing was incredibly beautiful and I had an opportunity to walk for 2 different designers. I was so much fun! I got to meet many talented and interesting people! I loved every second of it.
Today’s outfit:
David Bowie Top- Primark
Leggings- New Look
Shoes- Forever 21
Neckless- New Look
Ring- New Look
Pictures from the fashion show (more to come)
 Me and my friend, Renata after fashion show:
My make up from the show:


Thank you for reading
Have a lovely Sunday

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