Sex in the City is back! Kind of.

Posted on January 22, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

As you know I love Gossip Girl so when I’ve heard the producers are starting new TV show called “Carrie’s Dairies” I was super excited  Not only the Gossip Girl producers are working on the show but Eric Daman, Gossip Girl’s costume designer is also back! Eric Daman is a costume designer for “Carrie’s Dairies”. Who else it could be after the great job that he did for the costumes for “Sex in the City”?! It makes sense since “Carrie’s Dairies” is a sequel of “Sex in the City”  and it’s telling story of Carrie Bardshaw one of the main characters. I’m not a huge 80’s fashion fan, but the costumes that are shown on the show are completely amazing. So far I’ve only seen the first episode and loved the costumes so far! When it comes to design and styling, Eric Daman is an absolute genius ! The costumes and styling that the came out with at the “Carrie’s Dairies” Are amazing! They look modern but you could tell they’re inspired my 80’s fashion.





I’m in love with these outfits, skirts especially!
How about you?
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