Fashion is what you buy. Style is how you wear it.

Posted on January 6, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

Since sales are still on, for the past few days I’ve been shopping non-stop. We all know what sales are for, to get rid of the items, stores didn’t sale this season. What I have noticed all the brands like New Look, Topshop, River Island ect. Are selling very similar items, tops, skirts, shoes and dresses. And that’s whats fashion. Styling is bit different. I personally think when you style yourself you should always wear what makes you feel good, look good and won’t be identical to the way the store mannequin are styled.  I love fashion but sometimes the way commercial fashion is nearly identical in every shop really makes me angry. That’s one of the reason’s I love vintage shopping, you can get a very unique clothes there.

What I have noticed and it’s been happening to be for quite sometime now. Every time I like something, dress, shoe, jacket, style, it always end’s up on the store mannequin. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but for someone who’s always been dressing different than the rest of the society it’s bit surprising and weird, because what’s the point of being different and standout if at the end I’m just the same as everyone else?

River Island


New Look
Does any of you agree with me? Do you prefer to be the same as very one else or standout a little?


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