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Posted on January 7, 2013 by Kinga Kurek

For those you are reading my blog know that I don’t usually review men’s fashion but Bill Kaulitz’s style has been my inspiration for past 7 years and I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on his style. I’m sure not all of you are familiar with Bill’s style. Let me quickly go through it. It’s glam. It’s rock. And it’s a bit feminine. So what? His fan’s love it! What I love about his style is that it’s unique and different! As he’s 6’2″ and very thin so all of the clothes he’s wearing always look good on him. He tend’s to wear a lot of black’s, grey’s and white’s. And lot’s of jewelry. When someone asked him what is his favorite designer he always say’s Dior. And who could blame him? To be honest some of the clothes for Dior Homme look so great I would even wear them!

At Dior Store in Paris, September 2009.





















Were you familiar with Bill’s style? What do you think about it?




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