Wishlist 30/12/2012 New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is nearly here…And I still don’t have my outfit!!! Why do I always make everything at the last minute? Thankfully sale are still on and tomorrow I will go to Oxford Street to find a perfect dress or a whole outfit. You can’t have to much shoes, jewellery  or clothes! I’m not a very organised person but for 2013 I will try to improve that. But why should I wait till 1st of January when I can start now? To help me find a perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve I will try to make a perfect shopping list, or wish list for tomorrow which I’ll later print out and take with me for shopping.
I don’t wear lot’s of color, I think the most colorful piece of clothing I own is red or blue. I usually have black and white clothes as it’s easier to style, everything goes with it! Every year I buy a very pretty but also formal dress for New Year’s Eve and than I’m just not wearing it anymore after. So this year I have decided to buy more casual dress but have lot’s of accessories with it, and at least one color.
Set 1
What I have done with both of those set’s is easy.  They’re similar both have pattern, lot’s of jewellery and only one color item. I have decided to choose a simple dress that I could wear everyday instead of a fancy one. What’s great with simple dress is that you can really accessories them! If your going just to school or an evening party an everyday dress is perfect for both. With right accessories.
Set 2
Shoes- desireclothing.co.uk
Bracelet- Mulberry
Studded Bracelet- bloomingdales.com
Earrings- Chanel
Thank you for reading. I hope this set helped you with your New Year’s Eve outfit decisions  Let me know in the comments!

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