Last week I was extremely lucky as I was able to attend Asian Wedding Exhibition at Wembley Stadium. My responsibility was to dress the models and make sure they will be in the right outfit for every show. As this was Asian Wedding Exhibition the dresses wear really heavily embellished and I could barley hold them. I can’t imagine how women wear them for a whole day! Even thou they were heavy they still looked beautiful and couture. These dresses are worth from 4k to even 10k! I understand why they would cost that much, there were dresses there which had real diamond in them!
Check out these beautiful outfits!































Me and my model.






















Me and my lovely model from Pakistan Fashion Week.
Thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about these outfits. Do you prefer these outfits or these from Pakistan Fashion Week? 🙂
Have a lovely Monday,

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