Boxing Day Shopping Spree

Posted on December 26, 2012 by Kinga Kurek

Those of you who live in the UK know the day after Christmas is Boxing Day! One of my favorite day’s of the year. For those of you who’s not familiar with Boxing Day, it’s a day when all the stores have huge sale’s. Today me and my friend went shopping at Westfield Shopping Center, one of the biggest one’s in Europe. It’s perfect for shopping as there are so many brands me and my friend spend an entire day going to each one of them, even in the really expensive part, The Village. There you can get all of the designer stuff.  I am a shopaholic who will buy lots but than decide not to wear it so I have decided to follow Vivienne Westwood’s  advice:” Buy less, choose well, make it last, don’t want the “latest thing” just for the sake of it.”.  I think it’s a brilliant advice specially coming from a designer.  
Check out the stuff that I’ve brought:
If you look at my previews post you will know that I had Jeffrey Campbell shoes before but they got damaged after few months, don’t ask me why, trust me I wish I knew. But since I’ve been really good this year I thought I might buy myself a little present. I love those shoes. The shape, studs and leather. These are incredibly comfortable, perfect for winter.



Jeffrey Campbell


As I don’t have many ‘color’ in my wardrobe I’ve wanted to buy something more colorful  I’m not the type of person who will feel good in very bright colors such as yellow or orange. But I like more dull colors such as purple. I really like the shape of it, I love baggy top’s, t-shirt’s and sweaters (usually I get two sizes too big) But this top is in size 8 (which is my usual size) and it’s still a bit baggy and comfortable. As I don’t tend to wear lot’s of  jewellery I always try to find clothes with embellishment on them. This one is quite cool as it looks delicate but it still has the ‘edge’ look to it.


New Look


I got this coat for 27 pounds in New Look. As many of you might know red coat has been on my wishlist for quite some time. To be honest a year ago if I would wear it I wouldn’t probably really liked it but this year I love it as it’s really feminine and the red is one of my favorite colors for Autumn/Winter. Also the shape of it really suits my body. I have a big problem with coats and jackets as I have long arms and small shoulders so usually size 12 is ideal for arms but too big on the shoulders and  size 8 or 10 are opposite. However this jacket is ideal!


 New Look
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