I’m the last person who you’ll hear loving words from, especially about certain places. I can criticize  anything from cities, fashion or my own work. I think nothing can be perfect as each person has its now taste. However when I’ve seen the center of Wrocław I was totally amazed! The buildings  the fountain, colors looked like from a beautiful painting. I’m not a big fan of Poland’s streets but when I’ve seen it I thought “Wow, this is different’ I was so proud of how it looked! It’s definitely different from Piccadilly Circus or Oxford Street in London but I didn’t look worse. It definitely has it’s own unique feeling and atmosphere  When I’m in London I contently have a feeling of rushing somewhere, not being able just to walk and enjoy the scenery  , stay in one place and do absolutely nothing. I took some pictures to share some of the beautiful ares. My personal favorite was the blue bridge with locks.

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