We live in the world of Rihanna’s and Katy’s Perry’s where most the pop stars dresses in almost the same way. When I look at the awards, live shows or interviews mostly I see bright colors, fashionable outfits and candy smiles. It’s almost as they are all in the one movie where Willy Wonka decided to do costumes. I’ve already written celebrities are styled and style is more important than fashion. That’s why style is more important  It’s personal and unique. That’s why I’ve decided I will review one of the most provocative and rock ‘n’ roll on the music scene at the moment.

Taylor Momsen everybody!

Surprised? Most of the time I’m showing over the top outfits or something really classy and feminine . But this time I’ve wanted to share my love for more provocative fashion. Stripper heels. Dark eye make up. Leather jacket. I would say that’s her trade mark. To be honest I haven’t seen anyone like think since Cherie Currie of The Runaways (I’ve seen her teenage style on the photos only as I am too young to remember it). Yes, it is provocative. It’s different. But most of all. It’s something your parents don’t want you to see in. And I’m not talking about clothes only. My mum hates when I have really dark eye make up on. To be honest I don’t really care. I feel better with dark eye make up or dark clothes. And I’m that kind of person who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer  It’s the same with Taylor Momsen. I think this style is really personal to her and it is a part of her since more than 2 years. Some of you who know her from ‘Gossip Girl’ are probably thinking “She use to dress so sweet in a real life, just like her character Jenny.” Well, I think her stylist told her to dress that way for the sake of the show. But since she have decided to fire her stylist or at least give her/him holiday her style has evolved  I have done lots of research on her style and I could see from her personal photos that she wore dark clothes and eye make up for a very long time that’s why I think she’s anything but a poser. I gravitas towards unique fashion and I would say for style is pretty unique. To be honest I am totally in love with her style! Especially I adore her shoes! Mostly because they are so tall!






















Where you familiar with Taylor’s style? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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