Posted on November 13, 2012 by Kinga Kurek

I was thinking about doing this post for a while. To be honest when I hear people talking how amazing outfits celebrities wear and how good they look in them annoys me. The way they’re talking about it is as the celebrities are the ones who designed and made them. Most of the celebrities have a personal shopper, stylist or a designer. But there are some celebrities  who have a great style even without a stylist, it’s just something your born with 😉

I have decided to share my thoughts on Evan Rachel Wood’s style. She’s one of the favorite actresses and fashion inspirations. As I’ve seen from the paparazzi pictures Evan Rachel Wood is a rocker. Leather, black jeans and 60’s sun glasses are standard  But for red carpet she knows, or her stylists, how to make her more glamorous and on trend. She wears lots of blacks and whites but in a very elegant way. I would say she’s a tomboy who also has a feminine side.  If you don’t know any movies with Evan Rachel Wood do yourself a favor and watch them now! Here are few of my favorite outfits that I’ve found!


























What do you think about those outfits? Don’t you think they are elegant and unique? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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