Posted on November 7, 2012 by Kinga Kurek

I don’t know why but somehow every half term I do something with my hair. This time I’ve decided to dip dye my hair. This spring I’ve dyed my hair dark blond and  absolutely loved it! Some people said they prefer me with my natural hair color which is black/dark brown but most of my friends said blond hair suit me more especially if I gravitate towards darker colors. But after a month i had 1 inch of my natural hair color, they grow incredibly fast and I cant afford going to hair dressers every month to color my roots. So while I was in Poland I’ve went to hairdressers and asked them to dip dye blonde my hair. At first I was relived I won’t worry about my fast growing hair and for a while but after only one day I’m sick of it. No. I hate it! It looks good for a day or two but I prefer having lighter hair. But I think for winter it makes more sense of having darker hair. It took around 2 hours to get this dip dye effect and it costed around 26 pounds which is cheaper than in England, I think I would pay the double. Also the dip dyed hair gives the effect (at least for me) of having two different eye colors.

What do you think of dip dye hairstyles?
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