Posted on October 1, 2012 by Kinga Kurek

 Hello everyone!
I am a fashion student, fashion lover and a new blogger. I’m really looking forward to share my thoughts about fashion, style, movies and music. You might think all of these categories aren’t in common but they are much more connected than you think. 

In my first post I’ve wanted to talk about WTH is Fashion? 

Personally I think of fashion as a form of art, self expression and attitude. Everyone’s sense of style is different and that’s what makes fashion so great! You can be grunge in one minute and in next you can look like a movie star or a super model! And the best part is there are no right or wrongs in fashion! So my advice is to just be yourself and I’m just here to show my opinion and ideas and non of you has to agree with me 😉
Thanks for reading,
Kinga x

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