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As I wrote on my previews post I’ve went to Comic Con Expo. I have chosen to go as Lolita as I love Lolita’s fashion in Japanese couture. I love how there are different Lolita styles like cute or Gothic  Two years I’ve might go as Gothic Lolita as I was really into vampires, witches and Gothic culture. But since I’ve started studying fashion in college I became really interned in high end fashion  I’ve started to like different of styles.

This is what I wore:

I wore vintage corset which I got few month ago at small vintage store for 4.00 pounds. The skirt and the bow are designed and made my me. I’ve wanted to mix Gothic and sweet Lolita as I really liked both of them. Personally, I think I’ve made a pretty good job at mixing both styles however I think it looks bit more Gothic than sweet but Gothic is more me. I have used black silk for two layers of the shirt.

The bow I’ve made was hand stitched. I have used hard interfacing to make it more stiff and stitched printed cotton over it. To make it more fancy I have used some scrape of lace and stitched it at the edge of the bow.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my costume. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a little tutorial on how to make hair bow.

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