Posted on October 22, 2012 by Kinga Kurek

Fashion shows, billboards, posters. They’re everywhere. Models. I bet every girl or guy at least once dreamt about becoming one of the most beautiful people in the fashion industry. And I understand why, I’m a part time model myself. Beautiful clothes, photoshoots  fashion shows, fame… Which person would turn down the opportunity to look at the fashion world from different perspective?

However, modelling isn’t always hot, spice and everything nice.

Also I don’t think everyone realizes that the most of the pictures in fashion magazines and adverts are photoshopped . Graphics can change anything about model’s look, from hair color to her shape. Graphics have a total control how the model look and sometimes the changes they make are so big that they make models look unreal and unnatural. Don’t get me wrong I’ve myself used photoshop on some of my pictures but only to change the contrast of the picture or get rid of spots but I’ve never tried to change myself into something I would never be. I think the worst thing about changing these photos so much is that many young girls and guys are looking at these magazines and look up to the fashion models but they don’t understand that these photos are not real and they try to look just like them.




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